About Dr. Dyno Keatinge

Professor JOHN DONOUGH HEBER KEATINGE (Dyno Keatinge) BSc., MSc., Ph.D, MBE.



Tropical Agricultural Development Advisory Services, DL8 5JT, England





1978‑Ph.D in Agronomy/Crop Physiology, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK.

1975‑M.Sc. Agronomy/Agroclimatology, University of Manitoba, Canada.

1973‑B.Sc. Physical Geography, University of Bristol, UK.


From May 2016

Consultant – Tropical Agricultural Development Advisory Services


Member – ICBA External Program Review August 2016

Chair – CABI Advisory Committee, horticultural electronic platforms


April 2008 – 21/4/2016

Director General: AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center.


Chair: Association of International Research & Development Centers for Agriculture (AIRCA) 2014-15


Secretary: Global Horticultural Initiative (2016 till March 11th)

Chair: Global Horticultural Initiative (2013-2015)


Visiting Professor of Tropical Agriculture: The University of Reading, UK.



October 2002-May 2008

Deputy Director General – Research, ICRISAT

Research and training leadership of the de-centralized Global ICRISAT staff of 101 senior scientists

Principal crops Sorghum, millet, chickpea, pigeon pea and groundnut.


April 1999-June 2002

Director Resource and Crop Management Division, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

Ibadan, Nigeria

Divisional Director responsible for 30 international scientists and 120 local staff.   Staff were based in seven countries Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Principal crops maize, soyabean, cowpea, yam, cassava, plantain and cover crop legumes.


September 1993-March 1999

Professor of Agricultural & Rural Systems and Management, Department of Agriculture, The University of Reading, UK.

Leadership of the Agricultural/Rural Systems and Management Section and

Deputy Director of the Plant Environment Laboratory of the Department of Agriculture.


1990‑August 1993

ICARDA Regional Research and Training Co-ordinator for the Highlands of West Asia and North Africa based at the Central Research Institute for Field Crops at Ankara, Turkey.

First establishment and management of the ICARDA “Highlands” regional collaborative research and training program


1985‑July 1990

Leader of the ICARDA Highlands Research Project at the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council’s (PARC) Arid Zone Research Institute, Quetta, Pakistan.

Development and co-ordination of the crop/range/livestock systems based research program embedded within the NARS Arid Zone Research Institute.   Germplasm evaluation specialist for wheat, barley, food and forage legumes.



Agronomist/Physiologist/Agroclimatologist in the Farming Systems Program, ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria.

Improvement of the sustainability and management of crop-livestock farming systems under dryland conditions through improved agronomy of wheat, barley and dual purpose legumes.   Responsible for  the introduction and agronomic management of winter-sown chickpea and vetch.


1978‑80 Environmental crop physiologist employed by the British Overseas Development Authority and attached to the Grain Legume Program at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad in order to examine the feasibility of introducing short maturity vegetable and dhal–type pigeon peas.


1975‑77 Pasture physiologist/agronomist in the Department of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, Queen’s University, Belfast. Attached to the Ministry of Agriculture Plant Testing Station, Crossnacreevy, Co. Down. N. Ireland.


1973‑75 Legume agronomist in the University of Manitoba multidisciplinary faba bean introduction program.



January 1st 2017 Awarded Membership of the Order of the British Empire in the New Year’s Honours List

August 28th 2016 Appointed honorary Life Fellow of the International Society of Horticultural Science

April 15th 2016 Awarded the “Order of Brilliant Star with Violet Grand Cordon” by the President of the Republic of China

February 4th 2016 honoured with Emeritus Status by the Association of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture (AIRCA)

2015-2016 Appointed Secretary of the Global Horticulture Initiative

2015-2016 Appointed to Executive Committee of APAARI on behalf of AIRCA

2014-15 Elected Chair of the Association of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture (AIRCA)

2014       Received the 2013 Prem Nath Agricultural Science Foundation International Award for the promotion of vegetables in Asia.

2014- June15 Re-appointed to the International Advisory Board of the Innovation Laboratory (Horticulture), funded by the US Agency for International Development and managed by the University of California, Davis.

2013-November 2015 Appointed Chair of the Global Horticultural Initiative

2012-14 Appointed Vice-Chair of the Association of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture (AIRCA)

2011       Appointed member of the Advisory Board to the Journal “Food Security:  The Science, Sociology and Economics of Food Production and Access to Food”

2010-13 Appointed to the International Advisory Board of the Horticulture Collaborative Research Support Program, funded by the US Agency for International Development and managed by the University of California, Davis.

2010       Appointed to the International Advisory Board of the Journal of Hill Agriculture

2008       Appointed as Alliance Deputy Executive Representative to the Steering Committee of the Central Advisory Service on Intellectual Property of the CGIAR

2007-2010, 2010-2013, 2014-2016 Re-appointed as Visiting Professor of Tropical Agriculture, Reading University

2007 -2008 Appointed British High Commission Consular Correspondent in Hyderabad for Andhra Pradesh State

2006       Member of the Executive Committee of the Alliance Deputy Executive of the CGIAR Centers

2005       Chair of the CGIAR Alliance Deputy Executive (ADE)

2005-08 Editor-in-Chief:  Journal of Semi-Arid Tropical Agricultural Research

2003       Neville Clerk Award for outstanding teamwork.  Awarded by ILRI as part of the CGIAR West African team on “Development of sustainable crop-livestock production and natural resource management systems: Partnerships to enhance the livelihoods of crop-livestock farmers in West Africa”.

2002-06 Appointed International Member of the Policy Advisory Committee of the Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research (WOTRO).

2002-06 Re-appointed as Visiting Professor of Tropical Agriculture, Reading University

1999-2002 Appointed Visiting Professor of Tropical Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, the University of Reading, UK

1999       Appointed member of the editorial board of “Biological Agriculture and Horticulture”

1998-99 Appointed to the Court of the University of Bristol to represent The University of Reading

1996-99, 1999-2002 Appointed and re-appointed corresponding member of the editorial advisory committee of the “Australian Journal of Agricultural Research”

1995-99 Appointed Member DFID Natural Resources Systems Programme Advisory Committee

1994       Elected Fellow of the Institute of Biology renamed in 2015 “Royal Society of Biology”

1994       Registered as Chartered Biologist

1994-02 Member of the editorial board of “Agricultural Systems”

1993-Present Member of the Tropical Agriculture Association



PhD External examiner for F.A. Khan, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad 31/1/12

PhD External examiner for L.A. Norgrove, Kings College, University of London 19/9/99

Ph.D. External examiner for D.M. Mwangi, Wye College, University of London 25/3/99

External examiner from 1994/95-1996/97 for the MSc. course on Agriculture, Environment and Development at the University of East Anglia, School of Development Studies.

Ph.D. external examiner for Dr. J. Mwanamwenge, Department of Crop and Pasture Science, The University of Western Australia 22/6/98

Ph.D. external examiner for Dr. A. Mazid, Department of Agriculture and Horticulture, University of Nottingham 13/1/95.



Attended: Theory of Change training course at AVRDC HQ at Shanhua,29/2/16-2/3/16

Attended: Training Course on Gender: Concepts, strategy and tools for R&D projects AVRDC Headquarters, Shanhua, Taiwan, 18/11/13-22/11/13

Attended and externally reviewed CGIAR Board Orientation Program 8-12th June 2013

Attended CGIAR Senior Leadership Programme at Harvard Business School 25/2/06-5/3/06

Attended CGIAR Governing Board Orientation Training Programme at Marrakesh, Morocco 9/12/05-13/12/05

French Language: 1999 1st year undergraduate course at The University of Reading (Passed)

1999-2002 IITA CRC French Language Instruction Course (Passed with credit grade)

Attended CGIAR Senior Management Development Course June/July 1992 at Wintergreen, Virginia — O’Hare Associates.